our mission

180 million euros worth of deposit bottles end up in the trash every year!
Throwing away deposit bottles is a waste at the expense of the environment.
And poses a risk of injury for deposit collectors.
Our goal is to ensure that fewer deposit bottles and their important resources are disposed of unused.
Those who place their deposit bottles beside the bin, rather than just throwing them away, show a small gesture of solidarity toward the people who get through their daily lives with the help of these deposits.
Moreover, important raw materials can be cleaned, reused or recycled and don’t simply end up in the landfill.

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Bottle deposits are hard cash and don’t belong in the rubbish - deposit bottles belong beside the bin!

"Every Bottle Helps" addresses a small everyday dilemma:
What do I do if I am on the road and cannot dispose of my empty deposit bottle properly? Often, the decision is this: I throw it in the rubbish bin. But this is a poor choice: Deposit bottles in the rubbish bin are not only a waste of resources at the expense of the environment, they also cause deposit collectors to rummage through the bin - and that can be humiliating, dangerous and in some places is forbidden under threat of a fine. Therefore we say: Deposit bottles do not belong in rubbish bins, but next to them! Together with our supporters, we carry this message out into the world to show solidarity with the people for whom collecting deposit bottles contributes to their daily livelihood. In addition, by returning bottles to the production cycle, we conserve our natural resources and make a contribution to environmental protection.