fritz became a success because there were always people who supported us, especially in the difficult initial phase. Therefore it is clear to us that we should be socially and environmentally responsible and to give something back to society - we are proud to continue the project EVERY BOTTLE HELPS.


We support Every Bottle Helps, because we see a good approach in the project and it fits perfectly with our sustainable company concept. For us, social commitment is simply part and parcel of a modern start-up and has been a matter of course at elbler - as with other initiatives - from the very beginning.


As a company we are a social actor. We therefore see it as our social responsibility to support integrative projects like EVERY BOTTLE HELPS. We do it privately as well.


A simple and effective principle. Acting in solidarity with people and the environment could not be easier! Virtually anyone can do something in their everyday life without having to do much - it is therefore normal for us that every deposit bottle is placed next to the bin!


For Astra, deposit bottles belong beside the bin! Out of respect for the environment and the people in the neighborhood! You can count on our support.


It is a shame that in a country as rich as Germany there is a need for a project like "EVERY BOTTLE HELPS". But because that’s the way it is, it would be an even greater shame not to participate.


Bottle deposits are hard cash and money shouldn’t end up in the bin. Nowadays even a small deposit is very valuable for many people. Sternburg supports initiatives such as "Every Bottle Helps" and is deeply committed to social engagement and solidarity.


Bottle deposits are hard cash and money shouldn’t end up in the bin. Nowadays even a small deposit is very valuable for many people. Sternburg supports initiatives such as "Every Bottle Helps" and is deeply committed to social engagement and solidarity.

welect GmbH

EVERY BOTTLE HELPS is a great campaign that we are happy to support! In this way everyone can contribute a little bit to make the lives of people in difficult situations better. For us, too, there can only be one place for deposit bottles and that is beside the bin.

welect GmbH

EVERY BOTTLE HELPS is a great campaign that we are happy to support! In this way everyone can contribute a little bit to make the lives of people in difficult situations better. For us, too, there can only be one place for deposit bottles and that is beside the bin.


It's nice that there are finally people who not only talk but also act. The principle is as simple as it is brilliant and can help so many people. It can also help prevent the increasing waste of raw materials to a certain extent, because the returnable bottles end up where they belong - in recycling. It was immediately clear that this is worth supporting.


Of course deposit bottles belong beside the bin! If you go out in the evening to enjoy yourself with your eyes open, you will see a bunch of inconspicuous, modest people who laboriously try to secure their existence by collecting bottles day after day. If you can make a small contribution with so little, you really don't need to think twice, do you?


Since the early days the associates of Giessener Schlammbeiser rendered a valuable service. In this tradition we would like to encourage our customers to support those who are dependent on the deposit money.


Good projects and initiatives must be promoted, no matter how and to what extent. As an entrepreneur I consider it important to communicate social commitment. We would hereby like to thank EVERY BOTTLE HELPS for their trust and the opportunity to be part of it.


Every bottle that finds its way back to the producer is the best bottle for the environment. Besides, nobody should have to dig through the dustbin in order to secure their livelihood. Every Bottle Helps promotes the awareness of those who do not want to bring back their empties themselves. And it is this awareness that we are concerned about, which is why we support this great campaign.


Why does Cachazzle support EBH? Because we care about people and the environment! That's why we pay fair wages, show you where our ingredients come from, and donate to rainforest conservation with every bottle sold. CACHAZZLE and EVERY BOTTLE HELPS against rubbish, waste and injuries - cheers to you!


We are happy to support great projects because social issues have been important to us for many years. Our wooden crates are built in the region by people with disabilities. At "Every Bottle Helps" we help on the one hand to preserve human dignity and on the other hand no valuable resources disappear into the rubbish.


Because you just don't throw money away. This is a clear message for a good cause and we hope to reach as many people as possible with it.


Provide a bottle deposit to those who need it rather than throw it in the rubbish. Sounds so simple but unfortunately it still hasn’t reached everyone. We raise our glass to Every Bottle Helps. May it become the norm in the future to take care of each other. Cheers!


People who dig with one arm in the rubbish of their fellow citizens, belong to the image of almost every city - together with EVERY BOTTLE HELPS we want to change that!

Gaffels Fassbrause

For us, deposit bottles belong beside the bin! Not in the rubbish bin, or otherwise disposed of! This saves valuable raw materials and shows solidarity for bottle collectors. That's why we are the first brewery in Cologne to support the initiative "Every Bottle Helps".


Friendships, enjoying life, living in the moment, together - that is what SUPERFREUNDE stands for. Now we also aren’t alone in supporting EVERY BOTTLE HELPS either. Drink, think and do something good.


We are fully aware of our environmental and social responsibility. However, this should not only sound good, but also be implemented. That is why we brew with 100% green electricity and are very happy to be a partner of "EVERY BOTTLE HELPS" and it would be even better if nobody had to pick up deposits from the street.

Finne Brauerei

The initiative "Every Bottle Helps’’ is actively engaged in protecting the environment and maintaining justice in society. The Finne team identifies with these values. As a partner of the initiative we see a good opportunity to save raw materials by recycling the bottles. We also support those who can better utilize the deposit from the bottles than the dustbin can.


Where the gap between rich and poor is so drastic and obvious, any expression of social cooperation is infinitely important and valuable. We support the campaign "Every Bottle Helps" because its message speaks from the heart and promotes our shared humanity.


Even 1 x 0.08€ = 100% help.


FRANKENSTOFF combines passion for artisan brewed beers with the selection of our exquisite raw materials. We also support the initiative 'Every Bottle Helps' to raise awareness for sustainability. Solidarity towards the environment and our fellow human beings is our main focus!

Ravensburger Brauerei

We love our environment and we have respect for all people. Therefore it is a matter of course for us to be a partner of "Every Bottle Helps": Out of conviction and responsibility.

Braumanufaktur Bach

We support "Every Bottle Helps", because we are of the opinion that people who are dependent on collecting returnable deposit bottles should do so with dignity and not have to rummage through the dustbin.

Lütts Landlust (Auburg Quelle)

Our friends know that with Lütts Landlust, we not only bring a piece of the "ideal world" to the market, but also commit ourselves to what is close to our hearts. "Full of home" does not mean nostalgic retrospection, but commitment to the environment and to those people who cannot ride on the sunny side of life. With "Every Bottle Helps", empty bottles support needy people in our communities. We are now part of it!

Das Geld hängt an den Bäumen

To change everything with a small contribution. That moves us. And that's why we are happy to support your idea.


Mukkefuck itself is waking up and with the support of ‘Every Bottle Helps’ we want to wake ourselves up to not throw deposit bottles in the dustbin. For the sake of our fellow men and our resources.


As a music magazine we are often at concerts or festivals and observe the all-to-frequent thought process - where do I put the deposit? Beside the bin of course! The Handwritten Mag has to be read, beer must be drunk... and bottles belong beside the bin!


Donate and help - without paying anything or doing anything. With "Every Bottle Helps" everybody can easily get some karma points. The proof that everything is possible. That fits Uwe perfectly. Simple as that.

Schoppe Bräu

In Berlin, one tends to think that everyone has already been taught as a toddler that deposit bottles are NOT rubbish and belong beside the bin. But there are obviously still too many people who haven't internalized this & because it's not really fun to give every second fop at the subway station grief and a moral lecture, we are happy to do our small part to approach the whole thing proactively!


Nowadays, a regular income is no longer a matter of course and for some people, collecting every single bottle counts. Every Bottle Helps is therefore a matter of honour for us. As a regional, sustainable brewery, we are happy to support this social project.


Very simple: Our organic caffeine belongs in the stomach and deposit bottles belong beside the bin!

Hofbrauhaus Wolters

It is tragic enough in itself that people in our society depend on collecting discarded bottles and cans as a part of their livelihood. This makes it all the more degrading for them to rummage around in dustbins, looking for the returnable bottles that consumers, who seem to be doing too well, have carelessly disposed of there. We support the campaign ‘’Every Bottle Helps’’ to preserve at least a small part of the dignity of all deposit seekers. In addition, returnable bottles are much too valuable to end up carelessly in the bin.


To be urgently dependent on something that others throw away is one of the greatest imaginable hardships that a person can find themselves in. To have to rummage through a dustbin for this is humiliating. The dignity of humans is inviolable - therefore everyone can contribute to this.

Green Diamonds

We are happy to support your great project "Every Bottle Helps". No deposit belongs in the dustbin! Only social commitment changes the situation of people, even if it is only in small steps. The dignity of human beings is inviolable. To respect and protect it is our duty!

Brewer's Tribute

Bottle deposits belong beside the bin! And that deposit collectors can collect them in dignity is only one of the many positive effects of this campaign!


No effort, big difference. For the people. For the environment. Beautiful thing.


Wakdu supports the statement: "Deposit bottles belong beside the bin" with pride! In line with our corporate philosophy, we want to work for sustainability and social commitment".

Zenglein Craft Kreativbrauerei

Deposit bottles belong beside the bin! Small gesture, big difference. Drinking beer, doing good and showing solidarity. If only everything were that simple?!


We take responsibility for the fact that we have a good reason in our city to celebrate together. That we take care of our fellow human beings and our environment is simply part of it. And deposit bottles belong beside the bin


We find deposit bottles next to the bin - fortunately more and more often! Because this way it makes life a little easier for people who depend on collecting bottles. We are happy to make our contribution!


You don’t need your deposit? Some people depend on it. Therefore: Deposit bottles belong beside the bin.


It is a disgrace for humanity that this project is necessary at all. A huge thank you to fritz-kola for this. Together we are strong!


Deposit bottles in the rubbish are wasted resources. It also shows a lack of solidarity and is degrading for the people who have to make a living from collecting deposits. Hey!Koala acts according to values like sustainability and social responsibility. "Every Bottle Helps" promotes these values. Therefore we are proud to be part of the campaign and fully support it.

Eichhörnchen Bräu

The devil is a squirrel, you never know what will happen. We support the campaign and want to make sure that at least one thing in life is certain: deposit bottles belong beside the bin!



Yo.. I always put it beside the bin.


First misbehave next to it, then put it next to it.


Sometimes the smallest gestures make all the difference.


Your deposits help!


"Every moment is hard-money and you have a choice!"


Helping makes the mood!


You don't need the 8 cents? We do!


Maybe not immediate world-peace, but at least a little bit of a better world!


Give dignity, put it beside the bin!


Put it beside it, otherwise there will be noise.


Your bottle belongs beside it!


Empty bottle, new luck.


Just go with it, it is too easy not to.


Right beside it rather than inside it!


In St. Pauli we put it beside it!


Water for everyone and deposits belong beside it!


Deposits aren’t dead!


Put it beside it, it’s where it belongs!


Bottles of beer with lipstick belong beside it!


Sometimes ‘beside it’ is exactly right.


Putting it beside it doesn’t hurt.


Deposits beside it - the bin is for trash and Nazis!


Beside it is paying a little attention. Don’t just throw it away.


Thrash instead of Trash. Because deposits are cash.


NEXT TO IT, from behind as well as from the front, NEXT TO IT!


Next to it is not always the end.


Next to the bin, right in the heart!


Bend over for a good cause!


People in front of the stage - deposits beside the bin.


Put it correctly, put it beside it.


One can also aim next to it.


Deposits belong beside the bin.


Trash in the bin. Deposits next to it.


Behave beside it!


Bottles prefer to hang out outside.


Something for karma.


Then just put it beside it!